For My Love on Our Wedding Day

The Giver of all good things saved for me His best –
A man with whom my heart and soul can safely rest.
After prayer and careful reflection,
I demolished any walls of self-protection
To dive into the freedom of unconditional love.
I know our story was written by the Author above.
Throughout our journey, He penned a series of tests
Designed to prove our commitment and patience.
Our bond only grew tighter and tighter.
You were gentle but a noble fighter.
You stepped forward to be my champion.
I watched in awe as you slayed every dragon.

Though some victories have been won,
There are always battles to fight under the sun.
With your words, you empower me
To face and conquer every enemy.
My arrow flies straighter with you by my side.
My fortress is the place where in you I confide.
I remember you saying, “We are each other’s home.”
Our laughter rings out wherever we roam.
We hang by moments of pure pleasure
That show we are each other’s treasure.
Whether side by side we run,
Beneath the glowing sun,
Or walk slowly through the night
Under the stars’ yellow light,
Our course is and always will be directed by love
As we follow the Hand that guides from above.

You can read my husband’s response to me here.









One thought on “For My Love on Our Wedding Day

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